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    Gladius Clipeum

    After sending the huge wave of water to the Ancients, Gladius moved to another position, far from where he sent the attack. After he attacked, he saw Defender threw a blob of water to the oncoming Ancients. He, too, moved away. The plan was actually working. Gladius saw Vigil moved in for a kill. He used Iron Head on some Kabutops which immediately felled them. They had no chance to think, anymore. This is all going to well. Let's hope no Silver Tribe member appears. Vigil disappeared among the forest. It was Gladius cue to send another attack. This time, he is going to use Earthquake. He stomped the ground with all his might, shaking it, creating several fissures on the ground. Because of his amazing strength, the shaking reached the group of Ancients and several were knocked down. Gladius, to be sure of his hit, hit the ground with his fist, sending another Earthquake towards them. This time, more Ancients fell.

    He moved to another position. Some Ancients were busy thinking what was happening. This could give Gladius some time. He concentrated on the flowing geyser somewhere in the area. He could still manage to control it, theoretically. He still had not tried it. Gladius imagined the water to retreat back to the ground, and erupting be----

    BOOM! The ground behind him erupted. Gladius had no time to congratulate himself. Like he did earlier, he used his hands to direct the water towards the Ancients. 500 Ancients were too much of a number. This battle will last long. Gladius switched position again.

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