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    A few problems I have encountered:

    I'm stuck on the story line after I encountered the Ho-Oh lookalike in the Well of Origin. I can't fly first of all, I get a blue screen. (Yes, before the map glitched and I flew to the 10 markers on Kindle Road into a 2x2 mound. Then I flew from there to Three Island and it took me back to some Dumbari or something town. From there, no more flying.)

    Second, I tried running around the whole region. At the Origin Well area, I couldn't find anymore cities, so I ran up a bit into the forest where the Team Rocketesque people are, they wouldn't let me in. Then I went to Nile City and surfed across to Byrn (or something), as apparently that was the last gym I needed. Door said the leader was out.

    What do?