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    Penance Malum

    Penance couldn't believe that so many had fallen for the plan. After he and Sword and Shield released their attacks a plentiful amount of ancients headed toward their old positions. Vigil suprised Penance by following the addition to his plan by getting face to face with a Kabutops with an iron head attack and heading back into the forest. Penance noticed some of the ancients pursing him and Sword and Shield starting heading toward Vigil. It was time to get their attention again.

    Sprinting toward another part of the forest Penance formed another water pulse and fired it at the ancients cloest to Vigil, then he took a deep breath and fired off the loudest screech he could at the group. While he was trying to hit the group with his water pulse and screech it didn't really matter if he did, he just needed to redirect their attention and give Vigil enough time to find a good place to strike again. He turned his attention to the ancients that were at his old spot and sed confusion yet again, grabbing hold of a kabutops and flinging him at the rest of the group and fired off a water pulse to keep them on his trail. He couldn't risk having that group head back to the base. Just as he was about to move he felt the earth rumble and while it wasn't strong enough near his position to cause him harm it did cause him to stumble.

    Twisting around Penance saw that the ground had opened and some ancient had fallen in. Soon after that another wave of water came roaring out of the forest and crashed into their enemies. Penance hadn't seen Sword and Shield battle before but was immensely glad that the snorlax was on their side. Penance regained his balance and retreated further. As long as they kept this up they could very well lead the ancients into the heart of the forest and just leave them there. If they led them far enough they would have enough time to free the prisoners and have some reinforcements by their side. Despite sprinting at full speed and knowing that his enemies could very much kill him if they caught him the golduck couldn't help but feel a little pride at the effectiveness of his plan surface in his mind.

    Penance had not seen Calamity since they had started and assumed either the absol had managed to get inside amid the chaos, or was still outside waiting for more ancients to leave. Penance could barely see the outline of the base from his spot but he readied a water pulse and sent it flying toward the building. If he was lucky enough he would be able to hit an ancient or even the building itself and get another group interested enough to leave their posts thus having less guards to worry about when they went back to the base and for Calamity to have less obstacles to sneak around.

    Penance yet again retreated and awaited Vigil to once again act as the bait. At the rate they were moving the ancients it would only a few more cycles of their routine before they would be able to slip away and help Calamity.