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Originally Posted by InsanityLives
dosent start for me, missing some DLL
Are you running the latest version?
What DLL is it saying its missing?

Originally Posted by bogdan View Post
i caught a shiny pidgey and when i go to battle with it, it is glitched.

here is the picture:

(i removed the period before com)

also, i can't seem to get past cerulean city. Ive beaten the gym leader, talked to bill, and got dig from team rocket. the guards still won't go away.
Both those issues are fixed in v0.10
The animation problem is an error with the animation iteself

Originally Posted by Evil Arms View Post

Hope it's good enough for you.
Thanks, its great. This is now included in v0.10

There is also several other errors that bogdan pointed out in PMs
Fixes missing encounters on Route 25
Fixes several issues with Cerulean Gym

The Dig mans houses has been added and TMs 08/44 are available now on the SS Anne (though no one will have gotten that far because of the Cerulean bug)
Fixes missing battle backgrounds
Updated trainer text in Viridian Forest

Version 0.10 will be released tonight.
For those stuck at Cerulean there's two issue that need to get sorted.

First off, if you have seen Bill, the PC name won't have changed. You need to talk to him again to solve this
Secondly you need to fight the team rocket trainer, even if you have previously beaten him. This will allow you to leave Cerulean
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