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Gad Sylvanhart
Alan Gets A Nasty Bump On The Head

"Morning sleeping beauty." Adriane joked as I got up. "Morning Prince Charming." I replied, jokingly. "Soup, Cheesburger Macaroni, or Macaroni?" she asked me. I really had no idea in the world what a Cheeseburger Macaroni was supposed to be, but I took it anyway, curious. "Thanks." I said. I opened the can with the can opener that was lying on the table. From inside came the smell of cheese and macaroni all at once. "Mmmm" I mumbled. I took a fork from the table and started eating out of the can. "MMM, Delicious. I haven't had something this good since Berta's cooking!" I blurted. Berta was a kitchen chef my mom had hired temporarily, her cooking was THE best. Unfortunately she was fired for spilling milk on my dad. To this day, I still roll my eyes at the thought. Anyway, being hungry as hell, I soon ate up the Cheeseburger Macaroni easily. I wanted to ask Adriane for another, when Spike awoke. "Know where I can get some plain eggs?" Spike blurted out, seemingly randomly. "Plain eggs? What am I a merical worker? Mr. Sarcastic I can get eggs." Adriane replied. That's when the weird thing happened, she just teleported out of the room. "Wow, what the hell?" I blurted, my back to my chair. "How do you do that?" I asked Spike. Before he could answer, Adriane returned. "Guess I am a merical worker." she said to Spike, jokingly. "Anybody else want bacon?" she asked. I would've said "Definitely" If I wasn't so freaked at what she had just done. "Adriane, how the heck did you just teleport?" I asked, stunned.

Just then, and once again before anybody could answer my question, Latios came in. "Morning, everyone. We got a situation." Latios began. This statement already perked my interest.
"I found him lying in the middle of the hallway between this room and where I slept. And there was some blood around him." Latios said, in his hands was...Alan. But he had blood on his head. "What the hell?!" I said, rushing over to the guy. This guy really had a knack for getting himself into situations. I sighed as I looked at his wounds, well, I was no expert, but I said "He'll live. Just a bump on the head. Maybe a concussion. Nothing fatal." I said to them. I secretly hoped it might make him have amnesia too, maybe he'd stop with all his nonsense. "We just need some bandages, he'll heal up." I said. "No biggie, really." I finished.

I walked back over to the table. My empty can of Cheeseburger Macaroni was still emanating that lovely smell, but alas there was no more of the food inside. I decided to withhold my questions for now.
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