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Originally Posted by Ratty524 View Post
I like the idea of her starting off with that party, or maybe just two of them and have the rest scattered across Darkrai's world... Like when Darkrai puts Yellow in a coma, he also divides her Pokemon to keep her powerless, so that the point of the game will be partly centered around becoming stronger (by recovering your team). It might ruin the concept of catching your own team of pokemon, but from what I've played so far, this feels more like a story-oriented as oppose to the typical "catch-em-all" games. It's just a thought.

In addition, I want to point out a major bug I found with your latest demo. In the battle against the temporary sprite person (I didn't pay attention to his name ), I lost horribly to his Sableye because I had no attack moves that were not Normal type (this is why I like the idea of changing the movepool ). After the loss, I was transported to the PokeCenter, then I was taken to a cutscene where the guy was defeated... What? And after the monologue was finished, the game completely froze.

You need to add a conditional branch within your event that determines what happens when the player loses the battle.

I noticed the Scythe glitch T__T and since then I have fixed it. I like the idea about Darkrai scattering your Pokémon, will definitely do that. I'm planning on switched Sableye for something else, perhaps Houndour?

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