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Valorie nodded distractedly at what Spike had said, turning her attention to the hay beds. She could tell she wasn't going to sleep well tonight.

...And so it was. She spent most of the night trying to fall asleep in the first place, and so when she finally did it was short lived, as the smell of bacon beckoned her back into the world of the awake. Stirring a bit as she woke, she let out a meek yawn and shifted onto her back, as she had been resting in a position more akin to curled up in a ball.

Meanwhile, Mesprit had overheard a mention of a familiar name, Lance. Though one could not tell by looking, her spirits dropped some. She still felt a sense of guilt

Groggily staring off into space Valorie appeared to regain her sense of where she was rather quickly, her eyes focusing after a few moments and looking... straight up at the source of the smell of bacon, a particular frying pan.

Valorie could only be thankful that they at least had good food to eat. Or at least, she assumed she wasn't expected to find her own food. She had no idea how she would do that. Standing up and stretching, showing signs of discomfort as she did so, Valorie proceeded over to join the breakfast club. She was feeling a bit sore after having slept on such a modest bed the night before. She still looked slightly tired, but her mind was there and now.

"Hey... What'd I miss? Is that breakfast?"

Valorie also seemed to be in a somewhat better mood than she had been. The reasoning for that was unknown, lest she had simply been in need of sleep. She of course seemed /very/ interested in breakfast.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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