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    Hello :3 I just searched all over the internet for a Shiny Hunters club and basicly just signed up for a account on this Website cause I saw this.
    I seriously hope I just post my Shiny's to join and didn't miss a second post or something with sign up form anyways,

    I have no Shinies, I've been Shiny hunting for 3 months and still no Shiny SR's are boring to I switched off of that for a day and took my Cindaquil and started hunting in Route 30 for a Shiny Caterpie. Than I got my Pearl out and started hunting for Pikachu using my Pikachu Salsa who has amazing luck for some reason. Than got my White out and hunted for a Lillipup since those things are so cute. :3 And this all happened on the second day of my Shiny Hunting career.
    And now today I haven't touched Pearl in a month, Never even started on White because I saved and 10 seconds later forgot what I was doing but when I remembered I was to lazy to start again, and on Route 30 on my Heartgold i've only done 165 RE's in 3 months. Yes I know, I'm horrible. :<
    But I was doing so good on the first day since I got 8?? SR's done. Can someone help me with this? I've lost 2 Shiny's in the Safari Zone but my mind keeps telling me ill never get a Shiny they have only appeared in the Safari Zone for me and I lost both of them. :/
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