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    Last week I was drawing Dialga (based off Pt sprite, looked fail-ish), and I thought of a game idea. It started sort of dumb, but I opened a Notepad document and put some info:

    Eighteen years ago, four trainers met. Their names were Red, Gold, Ruby, and Diamond (I'm using manga names for now). Together, they created an alliance against evil. But two evil Pokemon still existed. Giratina and Darkrai had taken over the Kanto region and controlled all legendaries. They went on to control Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh legendaries. Once all the mind-controlled Pokemon had escaped, they were released to hide in their places. However, Celebi had given up and been knocked into the sea. The other time Pokemon, Dialga, had been confined to a pillar and locked there. Its power was destroyed and placed in the pillar. Then Giratina and Darkrai spent all their time guarding the pillar. No one could find the mountain where this pillar was. Diamond told the others that he knew of a mountain (Mt. Coronet) with pillars on top. At this mountain, the evil Pokemon was/were nowhere to be found. In the Kanto region, however, a new trainer was preparing to get his/her new Pokemon, when they heard a crash outside. They looked out the window, but before they could, they became unconscious. When they finally got up, Pallet Town was just some rubble. All the citizens had evacuated, and were staying in Viridian City until they could find somewhere else to stay. You look around and see KoolKat, the champion, looking at you. He gives you a single Pokemon (Suici, Raik,or Ente, they're like Mew to Suicune, etc, but they're not legendary) just in case. It turns out that Dialga's masters are forcing it to rampage throughout Kanto and rid of the trainers to take control of Kanto, along with the Pokemon.
    (Plot doesn't include Arceus)

    1.No evil team, Giratina and Darkrai are "evil" enough.
    2.In every Kanto town, you'll have to retrieve a Trainer's Pokemon from a "Minion". "Minion" is a Pokemon that combines the DNA of Mew, Dialga, and Ditto. It isn't very strong, but it certainly is worth trying to catch. (I'll make them catchable and a catch counts as a defeat.)
    3.I'M the champion(not really me, my character. I need to decide which regional design to use for him).
    4.Gyms are destroyed. Instead, find the Gym leaders scattered across Kanto.
    5.Remember- this is EIGHTEEN YEARS after the events in Pokemon D/P (manga AND game), plus 2 years. New Gym leaders:
    6.The city on Cinnabar island is rebuilt as a new metropolis.

    GYM LEADERS (not in order, same types):

    Pewter: Brock- The only remaining Gym Leader. Rock type, as so.
    Cerulean: Crystal- I try to include excluded characters. She seems the type.(for all you folks who don't know Kris/Crystal, she's the classic Lyra)
    Vermilion: Yellow (I KNOW she's a manga character!!!) I decided that as long as their names are Ruby and Diamond, Yellow is gonna be in because of her Pikachu (ZAP type).
    Saffron: Will- He's been downgraded from the Elite 4. Now he took over. Not much to say here.
    Celadon: Green- HER NAME GIVES IT AWAY LAWLZ! She's Leaf from FireRed.
    Fushia, Viridian, Cinnabar not included in early betas/demos, no gym leaders yet (suggestions greatly accepted!)

    I need a mapper, scripter, and musician.
    My job: Beta Tester, Spriter, Make sure it's in The/Beginner's Showcase when it's ready!

    Poccil-Starter Kit
    Flameguru-Starter Kit/scripts
    Maruno, etc.-Script Tutorials
    Me-Idea, Sprites
    AND _______