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    Penance Malum

    As Penance waited for Vigil to head back out again he couldn't help but a feel a rumbling sensation from the ground. Assuming that Sword and Shield had fired yet another earthquake Penance continued to look through the forest to find Vigil. When he turned around his eyes widened with suprise as he saw a vast amount of ancients heading their way. Penance quickly retreated as he couldn't help but feel a sense of guilt overcome him. He had lured in too many ancients with those last few water pulses he had thrown and had ruined the rhythm they had started. If they could pick off a few here and there they could possibly still continue the plan, but even that thought was quickly washed away as more ancients entered the forest. Dammit, we should have stayed together, maybe Vigil was right, Penance thought as he continued to retreat from the growing crowd.

    As Penance continued to retreat he spotted a clearing up ahead and caught sight of Vigil who was motioning at him, "Go help Calmity free the others! Sword and Shield and I will cover you!" Vigil shouted as he turned toward an ancient and fired off a thunder wave at it. Penance nodded his head at his brother and scanned the area. He managed to see where the ancients were gathered and made a wide birth around them using whatever cover he could to sneak by. Since they were focused on Vigil at the moment Penance managed to sneak from cover to cover, trying not to create too much noise or too much movement.

    It took some time to circle around them but eventually he managed to make it back to the silve base. Crouching behind some bushes Penance peered out and grimaced. There were still a sizeable amount of ancients hanging around the entrance. Penance couldn't see Calamity anywhere so he assumed that his brother managed to get inside safely, but now the task was to distract the ancients long enough to get inside to help.

    Looking around Penance noticed some sizable rocks farther in the forest. Concentrating on the rocks Penance grabbed one with his confusion attack and flung it at a tree creating an audible thump as it struck. Penance peeked back out to see if the ancients had fallen for his ploy. If they hadn't the only thing Penance could do was try maybe one more time or even head out and attack them head on, but that was especially risky considering he had no one to back him up and if he got himself surrounded he could just consider himself dead.