Thread: Development: The 4th gen class split in 3rd gen
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Originally Posted by ArmoredGuns View Post
Thanks a lot for your patch!!

After applying your patch and comparing it with the original in Hex Workshop, I see both changes that you mention up there, but there are also many other changes (like "insert" at offset 009c1000 and "replace" at many 0031XXXX), may I bother asking you what are those changes (other than the light screen/reflect data that I read on your txt file)? Thanks!
I uploaded a new archive with the asm files that I used. The 'physpec.asm' file details the exact changes but I also did a file compare with WindHex to see exactly what I changed. I'll sum up the differences here:

047f02	Changed a 'ldrb' instruction to load the custom byte
048148	Changed a 'cmp' instruction to test for 0x0 (physical)
0695e8	Changed a 'ldrb' instruction to load the custom byte
069602	Inserted a "ldr + bx" hijack, branches to 0x9c1000
069a5a	Changed a 'cmp' instruction to test for 0x0 (physical)
069a5e	Changed a 'b' instruction to branch to a different routine
31xxxx	All the changes to the attack data table
9c1000	The hijacked routine, branched to from 0x69604

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