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I agree that sex is far more of a taboo than it should be. I think the fact that the act itself generally requires nudity for optimum results means that people often feel uncomfortable discussing it. I think if anything, the media is normalising the idea of sex rather than perpetuating the taboo, though it's reasonable to think that religion could play a part in it.

Personally, I make it a point to make sex as un-taboo as I possibly can. If you want to know anything about me, no matter how graphic, I will tell you straight up (of course, protecting the privacy of my partners who may not be as open-minded). I will even give sexual advice if you want it. I'm not ashamed or embarrassed of anything I've done, nor should anybody else be. It is a perfectly normal act and it should be discussed in an open forum whenever people see fit.

As for children, I've always been of the opinion that we coddle them far too much. It gets to the point where we are sacrificing freedoms as adults to protect the innocence of children. If that's the price we are paying to 'protect' children against knowledge of something that need not necessarily be protected against at all, then it comes at much too high a cost. Children should be made aware of sex from a very young age, and I don't see why it should be any one group that makes them aware of it. Peers, teachers, guardians, media, I don't see what difference it makes.

Legal age of consent makes no sense to me either. There are 13 year olds (and even younger) the world over who are having sex and by doing that, breaking the law where no law has any business existing. Governments should not have the power to regulate our bodily functions or our relationships with each other. I say abolish legal age of consent laws altogether. Make laws to stop rape and paedophilia, but leave it there. If sex is consentual, it's fine.

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