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Nah, because if someone is really good at making flame-worthy threads, they can create them often disguised in discussion and get like 6 emblems for the 100 post threads which seems pretty pointless. Plus even in non-extreme examples, there would be no point getting another emblem, as for everything at PC: you only get a certain emblem once (other than certain ones like drama queen etc, or if it just "suits") but in most cases yeah, only once and changing that for OC seems kinda illogical, in my opinion at least. And if there's an emblem for every 100 post thread, then there would be like 5 or 10 emblems uploaded just for the OC discussion master which really would waste space and only have a one-time use that is really rare. Either way, 100 post threads aren't that common in OC, so I think it works fine as is.

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