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    Gladius Clipeum

    The trio seemed to be succeeding in keeping the ancients busy and Calamity free to infiltrate the torture house. Gladius was starting to feel exhaustion; sending four consecutive area attacks really takes a toll on every Pokemon. Gladius stopped for a moment, and simple circled around the area, trying to regain his strength, waiting for another opportunity to strike. He saw Vigil appear again. But something seemed wrong. Instead of the usual number of Ancients that needs to be distracted, almost all of the remaining Ancients are heading for Vigil. He saw the Bisharp stopped for a moment, before retreating back to the forest. A few moments later, he heard a barely audible command by Vigil to Defender.

    "Go help Calmity free the others! Sword and Shield and I will cover you!" An Omastar fell to a Thunder Wave. Afterwards he saw Defender near the entrance of the torture house. There were still many Ancients guarding the area. Gladius roared, and hit the ground again. The ground shook. A few more fell but that was not enough to secure Defender an easy entrance. Gladius only have moments to think. He burst out of the bushes, imitating Vigil. He grabbed the nearest Ancient and used Smack Down on it, sending it flying and crashing it with the nearest Ancient. He ran back to the forest, and circled it, hopefully confusing their adversaries. He bumped against Vigil.

    "So it returned to the original plan? Split-up?" Gladius said to his brother. An Omastar appeared in front of him, but he was ready. He crashed against it with a Wild Charge. "I hope we know what we are doing."

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