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Originally Posted by Ratty524 View Post
...So what happened to all the other projects your working on? I can see you are exploding with ideas, so am I, but working on multiple projects all at once is a bad idea.

Anywho, on the idea itself, I don't remember Giratina being evil in any sort of way, but that's negligible. You REALLY need to proofread your story synopsis. It is a mess of poor spelling and grammar. Don't be afraid to ask a friend to correct your mistakes, dude.

What REALLY irks me about this are your demands for a team. So you are going to get someone to map, event, and compose for you while you kick back and oversee the project? No. That is NOT how most people in the amateur game dev scene work. YOU need to do the bulk of the work yourself, and if you find an area that you feel you are terrible with, THAT'S when you can recruit. Besides, if you really want to get a team, you should have your ideas solidified and present it an a professional, attractive manner. Sell yourself better is all I'm saying.
I see you misunderstand. I'm not kicking back. I'm SPRITING. And you said I'm the worst mapper, otherwise I'd be mapping myself. And since you were so rude about Talc and everything, I cancelled it. My other games all have locked threads, or are WAY over 2 months old, with no updates. This is my only game now. And by the way, I'm glad you weren't as rude as you were on my other stuff.
I am a horrible mapper, scripter, and musician. That's what's terrible. I'm doing ALOT for this game. I'm respriting all 493 Pokemon and adding Minion. THAT'S ALOT OF WORK!!!
PS: Are you any good at mapping? Your game looks pretty cool and I only need 2 maps at the moment. Sorry if you didn't read carefully- I never do.