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Good topic of conversation. I find that you've got a point - it almost seems like sex should be welcomed before the drug abuse, murder and rape stories that get thrown at us daily, being that it's a natural occurrence, without which we wouldn't exist. However, I think the mass public needs to know about these awful stories above sex, because it concerns them much more. I'd want to know if there was a sexual predator identified in my neighborhood or near it.

Well, you say sex is tabooed, but I don't think it is completely. Perhaps on television, but if you walk into any social gathering, you'll find people flaunting their sexual conquests. But the reason it's tabooed is because it's simply nobody's business other than the two (or more) people involved. I honestly don't need to know that you got laid last night and just how freakin great it was. Cause I don't care. And that's what you need to say to the bros that brag.

Children should definitely be aware of what sex is, but I also think we need to give them their time of innocence and naivety. I was given sex ed in the sixth grade if I remember correctly, when I was 11. I find that I'm quite responsible when it comes to things pertaining to sex. Whether that is thanks to exceptional sexual education (which I highly doubt), it seems to have worked for me. I would go ahead and say that it's probably a reasonable age to be teaching kids sex ed.

Age of legal consent is necessary. It's like the drinking age or smoking age. The government only recognizes citizens as adults when they're 18 and before then can't attribute citizens to have the mental capacity to make their own decisions about sex. I think in Canada, age of consent is 13 or 14 years old, which isn't very high. But I'm glad it's there. I don't think anyone under the age of 13 should be having sex at all. Girls wouldn't even have hit their periods yet by that point. And then of course there's the legal age, which I think is also in good measure.

I just think sex should be left to the people involved. It might be tabooed, but really is that bothering society much at all? Albeit tabooed, most people still tend to have sex. So it's not like an issue. I'm just comparing it to the taboo of marijuana since the prohibition began, you can't freely go walking in your neighborhood smoking a joint. Some people do, but more would if it were legal. Less people smoke openly because it's illegal and tabooed. The case is different concerning sex.