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The other day, my six year-old little brother came home from school and said, "I did sex today". Baffled, my mother asked him to repeat what he said to make sure she heard him right, and she did. We all did. When asked what he knew about sex, he responded with "it's when a boy and a girl lay down together and make noise like ahh ah ahh". Sure, he's not exactly accurate, but it's the fact in the matter that he learned something like that from a kid in his class--a kid who's more than likely the same age as him. My mom was downright furious and decided she was going to have a word with my brother's teacher.

But it's unavoidable, kids these days pick stuff up like it's nothing. "Their minds are like sponges". Kids hear things from television/movies/music/the internet/etc. and pass it on to one another. Mainly because parents aren't educating their kids on these things themselves, and instead their likely left to have skewed notions of sex. I say this because I was my brother's age when my mom sat me down and told me where babies came from and even got books from the library specifically designed for that reason. She told me that it was a natural and a private thing, and that I could always go to her if I had anymore questions. This satisfied my need to go to my peers and ask them if and what they knew about sex. So why hadn't she given my younger siblings the same respect?

Instead of trying to scare kids/teenagers away from sex or just completely avoiding the subject like the plague, parents should openly communicate with their children about sex--not just the negative things like, "YOU'RE GONNA GET PREGNANT AT 15 AND/OR GET AN STD AND DIE", but also how sex is a way to intimately connect with someone you really care about and that it's nothing to be ashamed about. It is natural, after all. Express the importance of being safe, instead of insisting they practice complete abstinence. Teenagers are going to do whatever they want anyway, but they need to be taught the possible pros and cons to their actions.

I'm not shy when it comes to sex. Why should I be? But that doesn't mean I'm about to go shout my private details off of a rooftop. Sex is what it is--yeah, you have to deal with intimate body parts, but the human body is quite the beautiful thing. There's no need for shame.