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    I guess for some people sex is more of a personal thing than just "having fun." Like.. having fun for me I think of movies, games, hanging out, socializing... I don't find having sex with someone I hardly know particularly appealing. That's why I sort of agree more with Triforce89.
    I don't like how sex becomes almost like peer pressure in certain parts of society. I also think children are smart and should be educated early on. If they're gonna do it anyways, they should be informed and also know about safe practices.

    The whole no sex before marriage I can understand on a personal level. I think that the idea of having sex with someone who you're committed to connects you on a deeper level obviously than just a one night stand.. so wanting to make intimacy something special you share between the both of you is completely understandable.
    I don't look down upon any sexual practices as long as the party members are mature about it, safe about it, and not potentially hurting anyone.
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