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Originally Posted by Craver View Post
How must i do if i want create a TM/HM on the ????? item?
Hey, I don't know if this is exactly what it is, but this might help:

#org 0xFDF48
-PUSH  {R4,LR}
-LSL   R0,R0,18
-LSR   R4,R0,18
-LDR   R0,[PC,18] 'FDF68
-LDRH  R1,[R0,0]
-MOV   R0,A9
-LSL   R0,R0,1
-CMP   R1,R0
-BLS   +1C
-LDR   R2,[PC,10] 'FDF6C
-LDR   R3,[PC,10] 'FDF70
-ADD   R0,R4,0
-MOV   R1,1
-BL_PART1  AD000
-BLH   5F3
-B     +1A 'FDF80

#org 0xFDF74
-LDR   R2,[PC,10] 'FDF88
-LDR   R3,[PC,14] 'FDF8C
-ADD   R0,R4,0
-MOV   R1,1
-BL_PART1  AD000
-BLH   5E6
-POP   {R4}
-POP   {R0}
-BX    R0

#org 0xFDF80
-POP   {R4}
-POP   {R0}
-BX    R0

#org 0xFDF68
#dword 0x203CE7C

#org 0xFDF6C
#dword 0x85E9047

#org 0xFDF70
#dword 0x80FDF91

#org 0xFDF88
#dword 0x85E9037

#org 0xFDF8C
#dword 0x80FDF91

I found this routine on every TM item, so maybe you can work from there. It's a start, I guess.

Just a thought.
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