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(OoC: I'm back again.I see there were a lot of posts. Hope I can make the best of it.)

"Plain eggs? What am I a merical worker? Mr. Sarcastic I can get eggs." Adriane then disappeared & later came back with bacon. "Guess I am a merical worker." That's because of her power, which reminded Spike of his powers of Latias. He can try them out later.

"Meh, bacon is okay too." Spike took two pieces of bacon & took bites. Bacon taste pretty good, plus it's not eggs.

"How do you do that?" Gad had asked Spike. He wasn't tofond of explaining things. Good thing Adriane explained to him instead of Spike. Then Latios came in.

"Morning, everyone. We got a situation." What Spike saw was an unconcsious Alan. "I found him lying in the middle of the hallway between this room and where I slept. And there was some blood around him." That was surprising. How the heck did he end up like this? Gad checked Alan's head to see how much damage it was.

"He'll live. Just a bump on the head. Maybe a concussion. Nothing fatal." Well that sounded good. But maybe he should stay unconscious so he wouldn't be so annoying. "We just need some bandages, he'll heal up. No biggie, really."

"Arceus knows for how long he was lying there..." Latios mentioned. It's Alan's fault for being so timid. He does know what the situation is, right? Spike took another bite his bacon, enjoying his breakfast.

Valorie finally woke up "Hey... What'd I miss? Is that breakfast?" She asked.

"Well you missed finding out that Alan over there hit the wall, giveing him a horrible gash. Thank God I wrapped it before you saw it, you may have lost your appatite." Adriane explained to Valorie.

"Frankly, he's a timid boy, so I don't know how he'll do throughout the days." Spike added to Valorie. People that are very timid are people that Spike don't like & are annoying to him. Adriane acted weird just now. She just ran off somewhere, almost like she's hiding something. Maybe I should stay out of her business. Spike thought.

After finishing his last bacon, Alan finally woke up from his state. So much for peace. Spike minded his own business as he saw someone else come inside. A girl with jammies & clean hair came in, acting like she was still a bit tired. "Morning everyone. How is everyone?" She asked. Spike knew one thing. Latias was pretty good at acting like a real human.

(OoC: If you still don't know who the girl is, it's Latias in disguise.)

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