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Originally Posted by Castgurl View Post
Soo 20+ year olds can have sex with girls that look maaybe 15-16 but are in fact only 11 or 12 because it's their body and no one else including maybe family, parents shouldn't have a say in that?'s there for a reason and should stay. If that was my child....yeah, no need to say more.
I already said that there should be laws to prevent paedophilia, which if 20+ people are having sex with 11-12 year olds, it would be. As to the family or parents having a say in their child's sexual life? Absolutely not! Not at any age. As you said, it is their body and nobody else's, and everybody should have the right to choose what they do with their own body. I lost my virginity at 18, because before that point I didn't feel ready. I made that decision for myself. But if I'd felt ready and wanted to do it at 13 or 14, there is no way in Hell I would have allowed my parents any say in the matter.

Originally Posted by Castgurl
The much younger folks (no disrespect for those around that age range here) just can't comprehend the complexities of not only the act itself but what and how they feel afterwards. And the same towards that person. They lose their innocence and more. We all do at some point, but sometimes, it should just be held off a bit longer. Again, it's there for a reason. I don't know about you, but I'm cool with it. 100%. And should remain that way.
I actually find this view to be somewhat condescending. At the root of it all, the act itself is not all that complex. I'm sorry to be crude here, but it's pretty much a case of "this goes in there. Repeat." In any event, it's not that difficult and it doesn't take a PhD to figure out how it works. I think I could have worked it out at a pretty young age.

As to the notion of 'innocence', I actually see this word used in debates about children, and I've actually used it myself but I just now realise that I have no idea what it means. What is a child's 'innocence' and why is it so important that they not lose it? Do you think a child would mind losing their innocence? To this day, I look back on my life and I don't recall any particular profound moment where I lost mine. Certainly if I did, I wasn't upset about it. Perhaps I still have it?

Originally Posted by Trance and Moss View Post
If you are only going on natural urges, you are a weak person. If we were victim to our instinct constantly, we would not have evolved to where we have. We achieve more by being intelligent, and not falling prey to the lowest common denominator animalistic instincts.
Don't be a slave to your body.
Submitting to natural urges is by definition natural. I can't speak for everybody here, but I think the most fun a human can have is when they are satisfying a natural urge. What's wrong with having fun if you are safe and there are no consequences?

I wouldn't consider myself a slave to my body. I have a logical, rational brain and am capable of thought beyond my baser instincts, just like everybody else. So, speaking with a sober mind that is currently uninhibited by sexual hormones or any external impediment, I don't see the point in denying the body what it wants when there is nothing to be lost by satisfying it. If you practice sex safely, then what does it matter how often you do it or with how many people?

And more importantly, what is to be gained by not satisfying the urge? The ability to say that you are above your animalistic urges? That's not really an ability in which I have any interest whatsoever. I know in myself that I am capable of more than what my body tells me to do. I am very secure in that and I don't feel the need to prove it to myself or to anybody else.

I'd question what is more 'weak': succumbing to the body's baser urges or not doing something fun just so that you can feel like you're better than it.

In any case, I wasn't saying that monogamy was something that should be discouraged or prevented in any way, just that it wasn't a vital part of safe sexual practice that needed to be preached. While monogamy and sex are often practiced together, they are not in any way synonymous and should not be treated as such. They are two separate concepts and to promote that they be practiced together when it's not entirely necessary is passing a stigmatic judgment call on those who choose not to.

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