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    There is definitely a right age and a wrong age to have sex, and there is a good reason parents and society in general should have a say in when you should have sex.

    My husband's parents are very....laid back...I could say "totally lacking in morals"

    Their newly turned 13 year old son wanted to have sex with his newly turned 13 year old girlfriend, so they bought them condoms and bought him a bigger bed, and said they could do whatever they wanted because they were in control of their own bodies.
    She was pregnant before either of them had turned 14.
    Thank god she had a miscarriage early on.
    I could not imagine two 13 year olds, neither of whom went to school or were even legally allowed to have jobs yet, both heavy smokers and drinkers {another part of the "we don't want to give our kids rules" parenting style}, trying to raise a baby.

    If my 14 year old announces that they will have sex no matter what I say or do, I will simply try harder to stop them. They don't have to be allowed out of the house to see friends or sleep over at other people's houses, that's a privilege. I'd rather send them to a single-gender boarding school than tell them to go for it and have to raise their brat when the consequences of their, and my, irresponsible actions caught up with them.
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