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    Gad Sylvanhart
    A Hectic Family Reunion

    I was so pleased with my new powers, I kept trying them out again, and again, and again. I was getting much better at using them with each time I used them. I still hadn't tried out my most dangerous power: Mind wiping, and I didn't intend to just yet. I teleported from room to room to room. I saw the Main Room, and all the other rooms of HQ that went with it. "This is awesome!" I said to Uxie, as we re-entered the main room. "Yes, but it's time to go back now." Uxie said. I obliged, and went back to the room that everyone else was in. Everything went black for a moment as I imagined the room, with its long table and hay beds. When I re-opened my eyes, it was the same room, with a little change. Adam had woken up, and he was squirming from a girl who had just entered the room. It was true, I hadn't seen this girl before. She wore plain jammies all over, but there was something...un-human about her. Of course, unlike Alan, I had been through so much the past twelve hours I wasn't afraid of some girl. I turned to Uxie for an explanation. I didn't need to say anything. "It's just Latias messing around." Uxie explained to me, then floated off toward Latias. "You can stop now, Latias, the guy's freaking out." Uxie said, she then floated away from Latias back into the room. It took me a moment to realize that Spike was watching the scene with some amusement. Then, a though popped into my head, this was the perfect time to test out my telepathy. I focused on Spike, and then, a connection. "He's pretty weird, isn't he? I don't know how much help he'll be saving the world." I said, but in my mind. I had talked to Spike telepathically.

    It took about ten minutes of me sitting on a hay bed eating bacon for me to get the urge to teleport again. At first, it felt like crap, but once you got the hang of it, you couldn't stop. You could go anywhere anytime in a matter of milliseconds. The maths showed it was impossible to do without using the move Teleport, but the legendaries could do it, and they could get humans to do it too. My perception of them was starting to shift already. I couldn't help it, I teleported from room to room to room. I explored the special machinery and gadgets the legendaries had for us. It was a sight to behold. After a while, Uxie appeared. "Stop running around." she complained. We were in a room about the size of a living room, with a square table in the middle, much like a shorter version of the one back in our room, a few decorations (which looked a lot like Christmas deco) and a small chandelier hanging from the ceiling. It was modeled after a Chandelure. I shucked at the thought of it coming alive and trying to suck my soul out. "Fine." I mumbled. But before I could. Something rumbled. I realized it was my stomach. "Ugh." I moaned. Uxie stopped herself from teleporting. the instant she turned to face me, she said "Uh oh." "What?" I asked her. "Is there something on my face?" I looked at my hand, I was disappearing. "Listen, Gad, you've overheated your teleporting powers, they're going to bring you to a random area that you've been too before. When you get there, come back here immediately!" she shouted, as her voice began to get more and more blurry. Before I knew it, I was out.


    I woke up in the place I least expected myself to be on that particular day: My bed. And no, not the previous beds I'd used, such as Pokemon Center beds and a certain terrible hay bed, but my actual bed. At home. Where my parents lived. My room was still as messy as ever, my parents hadn't let out on their promise when they said they'd keep it just the way it was. Last time I was here was last Christmas, I'd come home with the family to celebrate. I sighed as I remembered my room. My old clothes littered the floor, my computer, a very, very old model, was still sitting on my small desk. "So, this is the random place." I mumbled. "....someone upstairs" I heard a feminine voice coming up the stairs. Oh no, my parents had heard the noise of me teleporting in. "It's just me!" I cried. The one to open my door was my dad, and he was holding a baseball bat. "Oh man, dad. The baseball bat again?" I chided. "Boy, what are you doing here?" he said with a hearty smile. He was dressed in his usual business clothes. We were rich, mind you, but I was no snob. Behind him was my mom. "'s a long story." I said, scratching my head. I knew that I shouldn't tell them, they'd blow our whole cover. So I lied. "I came in through the window, I didn't want to bother you guys like last time," I started, last Christmas came to mind, "but I needed to get something of mine." I said to them. Yes, in case you haven't noticed yet, I am a mediocre liar. "Oh...alright." my mom said, seemingly disappointed. I went ahead and scanned the area, trying to find anything to pick up. Then, I saw something worthwhile: I walked over to it, my bobblehead. When I was a kid, my dad paid s toy-maker to make a bobblehead of me, I'd kept it ever since. "This." I said, picking it off the desk. Its head swayed back and forth as if nodding to what I had just implied. "Alright. Be on your way then." my dad said. My mom hugged my, and my dad shook my hand. I made my way down the stairs and out the door of my old house. I walked ahead, and then finally, when I thought I was out of sight, I teleported.


    Before I knew it, I was back in the room with the others. "What took you so long?" Uxie came up to me. "My parents found me. I was teleported back to my house. Sorry." I scratched my head. Uxie sighed in frustration. "It's fine. First time on the job." she said, patting me on the shoulder. "Wow, the Pokemon of nerd finally making a joke." I joked. Uxie chuckled and told me to get up.

    The next thing I heard was a scream. It was Adriane. Her Pokemon Mew and Glaceon ran up to her. I watched from afar as they talked.
    "Why don't you just tell them?" Mew asked its trusted trainer.
    "Yeah, they're bound to find out anyways" Adriane's Glaceon agreed. I could only understand it because of my translator. Adriane sighed. I walked up to her. "Hey, what's up?" I asked her. She rolled up her sleeve, revealing a huge blue bruise on her arm. "Damn." I said, looking at it. It's bigger than Adam's gash, I thought. "My father abuses me." she explained, short and simple. "Double damn." I said, with a concerned look. It was funny this was brought up now, when I'd just been to see my own father. "You should get that looked at, you know. It looks worse than Adam's gash." I told her. "Internal bleeding can be very dangerous. You might have cracked a vein." I said. "Hey, Uxie, which cabinet do they keep the medical supplies?" I asked Uxie. "The fourth Cabinet on the right." she said. I looked around, and found the cabinet. I opened it to find a First Aid kit ready for use. I opened it up, and found bandages and a special kind of cooling ointment that was apparently good for bruises. I walked over to Adriane and handed her the cream. "Here. Squirt some of that onto the bruise and then cover it with bandages." I instructed her.
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