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Uxie floated over to Latias as she was still with Alan. "You can stop now, Latias, the guy's freaking out." Latias giggled once again & began morphing back into her usual self.

"Sorry. I was just having fun." She said to Alan, floating off on her own. Looks like the show was over for Spike. Then something was said inside his head.

It sounded like Gad. "He's pretty weird, isn't he? I don't know how much help he'll be saving the world." Somehow Spike wasn't surprised from a voice in his head.

"I was thinking the samething!" Spike sended back to Gad, with his mind. Lucky he had Latias' powers. Next thing he knew, Spike heard Adriane screaming. He quickly went to se what the problem was.

"Is something wrong?" He asked her. Spike waited for a moment.

"My father abuses me." This shocked Spike a bit. She must've been devestated for that. There's even that bruise on her arm. Spike was thinking for a moment as Gad went to get some medical stuff for her, telling her what to do with them. "Why woul your dad do this?" Spike usually isn't curious about most people most of the time, but this was an issue. Spike feels like he wants to help anyway he can.

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