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Originally Posted by AdvancedK47 View Post
Very wild childhood you must have had there, Phantom. Not everyone has the critical thinking abilities to release themselves from religion's grasp. Especially in the Catholic church, organized religion results in a lot of corruption. Think about it: You're the leader of masses of people who have been taught from birth to blindly follow their god and their religious leaders. It's actual cruelty being deprived of your ability to think. You can realize this fact later, but greed will kick in and make you take advantage of it.

It's silly how Christians think we're supposed to not understand God's plan. They believe that he is their 'shepherd'. But what's the point of having a leader if his plan can't be communicated clearly? It's like explaining Quantum Physics to a group of second graders, but instead of having a simplified lecture you have them play a game of telephone with the information.
I agree, indoctrination is an evil, evil thing. Blind faith is stupid and dangerous as I've learned. But it was the fact that when I was in 8th grade and was tutoring a second grader through a buddy system, and it was 9/11 and we had a special ceremony and the kid didn't understand what a Muslim was. Conversation was like this.

"What's a Muslim?"
"It's a person who follows Islam, another religion."
"What do you mean another religion?"
"Uh, well there are lots of other religions, Islam is one of them, the people who follow it are called Muslims."
"Why are there other religions?"
"Uh-crap-uh, well there are people who don't believe in God the same way we do and they do it differently. Some don't even believe in the same one. Some even have more than one."
"That's stupid; we should all worship the same one and then this wouldn't have happened."
"Uh, maybe, but everyone can believe what they want to, or they were raised differently."
"Why wouldn't everyone believe the same thing?"
"Because people are different from each other, and they learned differently."
"What are the other religions?"
"Uh there's lots, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Buddhists..."
"I still think we should all worship the same religion, that way there won't be any more bad stuff."
"Sure, maybe, yeah I guess...? Hey let's go ask your teacher what's next for today, huh? MRS. OLSON!!!"

Indoctrination is messed up, but the kid had the right idea, how many wars and conflicts are attributed to religion as a main factor? Smart kid, he was.