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Meanwhile, Valorie was trying to enjoy her bacon as she listened to Spike. She threw a glance Alan's way but said nothing. Instead she was silently considering her own timidness, or at least what she considered timidness. Regardless, she just sort of turned her gaze to Adriane to acknowledge what she'd said. Valorie didn't know a whole lot about abuse, but it put a frown on her face. And had Spike said that Alan had smashed his head open on a wall? What the /heck/! Why was all of this coming up /now/?! Her jaw clenched and her expression became one of frustration. How were they supposed to save the world like this?? Perhaps she really shouldn't have been blaming anyone, but she was not thinking logically. Her thoughts stemmed from anxiety that said if they didn't get their stuff together they were going to lose this fight.

Regardless, she declined to comment despite the question lingering in her head: 'Just how does one manage to crack their head open against a wall?' She couldn't even begin to imagine how that had happened. Then again, she honestly didn't really want to. Rather, she resumed enjoying what bacon she had left.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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