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Originally Posted by Vendak View Post

I know you went to a weird school, but damnnnn

I don't understand why people say it is taboo... sex is everywhere. Throughout the media, advertising, there's a sex shop in the local shopping center right next to where people buy their groceries, porn is sold in gas stations, and conversation as well although I suppose that's more determined by who you talk to. If anything it's nearly impossible to get away from the idea of sex. We're discussing sex right now on a Pokemon forum.

Taboo in the sense some people don't like talking about it, yes, but that's on more of a personal level rather than a reflection of society as a whole. The vast majority of people I've known since about the age of 7 haven't been uncomfortable with it, and I'm pretty sure most people in general (or at least teenagers & young adults) aren't uncomfortable discussing it.
One of the more logical posts in this thread I think. Also it reminded me that there's an adult fun store right next to restaurant I visit frequently XD

Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
I agree, and totally understand where you're coming from, but if that situation arises, I actually think it's much more appropriate to do what your husband's parents did. I mean, I don't know them in person, but they seem to be coming from a different place where you think they were.
o_o I don't think so. I read her story there. If your kid is going to be having sex. Discourage it, sure, if you're so inclined. And more importantly encourage safe practices. That makes sense. But what her husband's parents did? Bought the kid condoms and a larger bed, and basically said "have at it. Knock yourselves out".

There's a difference between education and creating an environment that leads to the act. It's not your parents job to get you laid.