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Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post
o_o I don't think so. I read her story there. If your kid is going to be having sex. Discourage it, sure, if you're so inclined. And more importantly encourage safe practices. That makes sense. But what her husband's parents did? Bought the kid condoms and a larger bed, and basically said "have at it. Knock yourselves out".

There's a difference between education and creating an environment that leads to the act. It's not your parents job to get you laid.
Mm, yes, I just gave them the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps there were other reasons for getting a larger bed than them wanting them to have sex, like him outgrowing one. I'm mainly looking at the fact that they got him condoms, which I tried to make a point of in my previous post. It wasn't specified when they bought the condoms and the bed, so I'm left to speculate. It could have been months beforehand when they got him a new bed.