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Lost Odyssey's final boss was easy in my opinion. Of course, I had already taken on all the secret bosses before tackling him. Honestly? Hardest boss in that game for me was the General guy with his bloody tank. Then it'd probably be the Spirit Master guy at the end of those ruins...

Orphan was also easy I thought. Well, Barthandalus/Orphan hybrid thing sucked. Really bad. REEEEEEEEEALLY bad. but Orphan itself was easy. Of course, I DID have Lightning's best move unlocked at that point, if memory serves... soooo... that kinda helped.

Zeromus did suck. Royally. I shudder remembering that fight. But even he cannot compare to the Proto-Babel or the 4 Guardian Hybrid thing secret bosses. Those things made me rage quit. SOOOOO hard. And I cried a lil' bit from teh swiftness with which I was destroyed. ;;