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    Originally Posted by street hustling View Post
    just an idea...i think it would be wise to restrict going to mahogany town until u have 6 badges so that the pokemon levels can progressively get stronger instead of having the same level pokemon u find going towards olivine (idk if u understand exactly what i mean but i hope u at least get the point) u could probably create an event that u would need strength to get to mahogany or maybe the guard prevents you from going past the east gate in ecruteak
    Sunny you should say that, you can't progress up to route 43 until you complete the Olivine events. The only trainers you can get are the ones on route 42.

    Originally Posted by lukasz_pro View Post
    7 days left !!!! CANT WAIT :D
    Yep 7 DAYS!!!!!!!! And guess what, had a few hiccups but we're on track! Just got a few bugs to fix and such.
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