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    Adriane obediently put the ointment on the bruise, and gave a sigh of relief, it helped sooth it.

    "Thanks Gad, your a life-saver."Adriane said.

    She had a few other minor bruises, but they were small to begain with, and healed up a little.

    "Well, about six months ago he got drunk...he continuesly got drunk...and he started drugs..."Adriane said, responding to Spike.

    Adriane sighed. "I'm not sure Val, but I suppose its possible, these walls are hard, and if he hit the corner, it could have done this."

    (Sorry it took so long, I tried to type up a post on my phone and it ERASED IT! I feel ShinyDiamond's pain)
    Adriane finished bandaging her arm, and smoothed the end down. "That feels much better. Thank you."

    "See, they're your friends. Its a good thing you told them."Glaceon said.

    "Yeah, yeah. You were right, I was wrong."Adriane said, half-heartedly joking.

    Mew giggled." Ms. Grouchy." Mew landed on her head.

    "You'd better be compterable up there."Adriane said.

    Adriane was a quick one to recover, and even quicker on covering her pain and sarrow, which was mostly what she was doing now. Adriane noticed the slight 'we're hopeless' look on Valorie's face.

    "It's gonna be ok Val. I'm fine to fight, convence people, whatever we have to do. And I"m sure we can help Alan get through this."Adriane said just to Valorie, using telepthy.

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