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Chapter 3.5 - Make Sense, Now?

Miller and Kurt walked into a briefing room of some sort. It was a medium sized room with 2 rows of 8 tables, and the walls and billboards were covered in maps. There were three other occupants sitting in the room. The first person was named, Private Xander Hernamen. He was a fairly chubby, he had brown fluffy hair that covered his eyes, and appeared to be in a very happy mood. The second person was named, Corporal Maxi Avechip. He had jet black, spiky hair, a full-grown beard, and had a sniper bullet tattooed beside his left and right ears' The last person was, Private Kalm Y. Titsman. He was completely bald with slight facial hair on his face and chin. He looked miserable for some reason.

They were all wearing military green, tight, long sleeve shirts and cargo pants. They also had an emblem on their right chest, where the heart is located. The emblem was a shield, then a helmet of some sort on top and the numbers 101st on the beneath the emblem.

Kurt sat between Xander and Maxi. The room was silent. Everyone waiting for Miller to speak. Miller had a strict and serious face, and began to walk from one end of the room the other with his arms behind his back.

"Welcome to 101st Battalion, 101. I will repeat myself once and once only. You will call me by sir. Not Captain, nor Miller, nor best buddy, nor your mother. Just sir. You got that ladies?" questioned Miller, giving all the men in the room a searching look.

"Yes sir!"

"Good. You four have been selected to join in with a very honorable and rare group of soldiers, called the 101st Battalion. We are trained to aid our one team in large scale battles. Loyal Team. There are only 2000 of us in the Battalion. And we are the best of the best. Selected by, Commander Poliwrath, himself. None of you will be different, we're all the same to the eyes of the Argos. Who here knows anything about the Argos?"

Maxi, Xander and Kalm all raised their hands, while Kurt was trying to decide whether or not he should put his hand up. His only knowledge of Agros being what Poliwrath had told him a few hours before.

"Let me test you all on your Argo history," said Miller quietly. Halting his march and turning into the direction of his men, putting his hands behind his back.

"Bring it on sir!" yelled Xander, getting ready for the question by taking out his note book and paper.

"How hard can it be?" added Kurt. Already knowing he had no chance of getting any of the questions right.

Miller put a smirk on his face and looks at Maxi. He quickly moved to the table Maxi was sitting at and slams both of his hands on the table, leaning over, looking into eyes of the not frightened and motionless Maxi.

"What happened on January, 1st, 3501!" yelled Miller, narrowing his eyes at the soldier.

"The first group of Argonauts were activated for combat," replied Maxi smoothly, unfazed and unimpressed.

Miller smiles and nods, moving back towards the front before crosses his arms.

"Correct. Do you know why?"

The four look at each other before they all shake their heads no, none of them knowing the correct answer. They listen closely as Miller began to explain.

"Here on Planet Fortune we had two Argo facilities, called Joy and Salvation. Joy was for Company's Alpha through Delta. And Salvation was only for Echo. And if you're wondering about the companies, well, it's simple. First generation Pokemon are placed in Alpha, second into Bravo, and I'm guessing you get the picture"

"What about the other Pokemon generations?" asked Maxi.

"The others are on other Planets across the Galaxy and are not ready for deployment," answered Miller, "now, where was I…oh yes. We had only seven available Argos at the time and activated our very first team of Argos known as The Seven Originals. It consists of: Supreme Argo Mewtwo, and Lieutenant Commanders Sceptile, Golem, Scizor, Blastoise, Vileplume, and Ampharos. The reason why? It's because Axis decided to attack Fortune and its capital city of Grand New Bark City. Where Joy was located.

In the midst of the invasion, Axis attacked Joy, destroying it to rubble. But our brave and brilliant, Loyal Team, were able to capture eighty percent of our Pokemon, before that"

"What happened to the other twenty percent?" added Kalm, who was jotting down notes.

"Well, the other twenty percent were raised into Trojans, who are now fighting alongside the Axis," answered Miller, narrowing his eyes at the thought. "Next question," he continued, "what happened in summer of 3527?"

"Oh that's easy!" scoffed Xander, "Warrant Officer Bibarel E-400, wished the disappearance of all: gun powdered, black powdered, led projectile, man made explosives and nuclear weapons all across the galaxy. This led us back to using ancient, metal forged weaponry and military tactics," finished Xander, looking kind of disgusted at remembering what he just explained.

"And do you know how and why?" asked Miller, tilting his head to the side.

"That's the only thing I know, blame Bibarel,"

"Let me explain then. Before Bibarel made the wish. The Axis were in a ton of sh*t. They were close to running out troops. Because they were getting killed by Argos. The Trojans weren't present until a year after this. So the Axis, who was led by their current Supreme Commander Omega, decided to capture the last remaining Jirachi in the Galaxy. And succeeded in capturing the Pokemon.

Our Supreme Commander Alpha decided to send our newly formed Loyal Team and our 101st Battalion, to rescue Jirachi. Which we almost did. But Omega was able to stop Loyal, and decided to have one of Loyal's members make the wish, using mind control, they picked Bibarel. And they succeeded. After the wish was made, all the things you just mentioned disappeared into thin air. And the whole entire Galaxy blamed Bibarel."

"Wait, it wasn't Bibarels fault? He was just used and framed. How would you know that?" questioned Kurt, confused.

"Because, I myself, and a few others, were conscious enough to watch it happened. He's innocent of his treachery. But the minds of trillions weighs more then the minds of a few."

As soon Miller was about to ask the next question, the doorbell from door rang, right before the door slid open. Supreme Argo Mewtwo, the original Argo, walked into the room. He had a worn, brown robe with a hood hanging on the back, glasses and he was holding a cane in his right hand. He limped as he walked over to the table.

The Privates quickly stood up in attention. Then stood nice and stiff.

"Sir!" they yelled.

"At ease, gentlemen," calmly said Mewtwo, walking towards Miller signaling the Privates to relax with his hands. He then faced the group.

"Ummm Supreme Argo…" quietly said Kurt, but was quickly interrupted.

"Please, call me Mewtwo."

"Alright, Mewtwo, why aren't you out fighting alongside your men, sir?"

"To answer your question…" replied Mewtwo. He paused for a moment, thinking about what to say. And then a smirk appeared on his face. "I used to be an soldier like you, then I took an arrow in the knee." he pointed to his right leg and held up the cane.

The group understood his response, nodding, and waited for more.

"And besides, I've been fighting in this war ever since it started, and that was a very, very long time ago. But now, lets just say I'm taking a small rest, before I can go out and help my men. But right now, Doctor J. Core is helping me in the laboratory. Coming up a better way to save troops lives, with new, fancier technology."

"Isn't it Core's birthday today?" asked Miller.

"That is correct!" exclaimed Mewtwo, seeming pleased that Miller had remembered, "he turned one-hundred-thirty-five today…I mean eighty-five…He hates it when I say his real age. Apparently it makes him feel old."

"No sh*t he would, I would to if I was in his spot," explained Miller

A few seconds later an announcement sounded in the room. "101st Battalion, please report to docking bay, twenty three, for deployment in twenty minutes. I repeat docking bay, twenty three, in twenty. And have a nice day."

"Looks like that's us ladies, head to the docking bay...Now!" yelled Miller.

The group packed up their notes, quickly saluted to Mewtwo and left the room in a hurry. Miller was inches from leaving the room as well, but stopped and looked at Mewtwo, who also locked eyes with Miller.

"Glad you were kind to those kids, I didn't want myself, or you, to break the news to them that joining this Battalion is a death sentence. Like the last group. Because of what you said to them, they requested to be dropped out of the unit before they were even officially accepted. And that was over two hundred recruits."

"Well, they'll see that, until they see one of them with an arrow to the chest. And have no choice, because there already in it, and there is no turning back. As a 101st Battalion once you get accepted. Tell your men, good luck, hope then can come out of there alive…Good hunting, Captain."

"I'll see you when I see you," saluted Miller, and then continued to follow the Privates.

Next…Chapter 4 – Questions?


Well I hope this chapter some what filled a few plot holes, I doubt it did through a few eyes, but yea. This chapter explained why the characters I currently using using ancient weapons, instead of high tech weapons in the future. And why there is such thing as Trojans, why everybody hates Bibarel, and the 101st Battalion.

Chapter Summary
Xander - Xander is based of a friend of mine. This characters personality and appearances are completely the same.

Maxi - He usually keeps words to himself and thinks hes better then the rest. And sometimes can be rude to others due to his attitude.

Kalm - This person is really miserable to due years of mockery, cruel words and abuse by people. Why? His name basically. "Kalm Yur Titsman" Think of a trending saying when people are over reacting. "Calm Your Tits, man".

101st Batalion - Like the chapter explained. It's Loyals Team personal 2000 men army. The 101st Battalion is a reference to Star Wars, the 501st Legion.

Supreme Commander Omega (mentioned only) - The brains of the Axis and the main antagonist in the story.

Supreme Commander Alpha (mentioned only) - The brains of the Allies. And controls the entire Earth Army, except for the Argonauts, Who are there own faction but supported and funded by the military.

Supreme Argonaut Mewtwo - He is the very first Argonaut, dating to the year 2000. But was rouge at the time until the war broke out. He overall Commanded the Argonaut Brigade. And one of the strongest.

The 7 Originals - The Originals consist of Mewtwo, and also the six Argonauts who were born a few years before any other Argonauts in this story besides Mewtwo, are Lieutenant Commanders Sceptile, Golem, Scizor, Blastoise, Vileplume, and Ampharos
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