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    Does it seem to you that the popularity of the original 151 has dwindled down in recent times with the new gens? Why/why not?]

    pokemon have been aiming for the younger audiences insofar. and since we are the generation of the classics, it's been hard to reintroduce them to the mainstream play, especially as their remakes are already on the now obsolete gameboy advance. also, stats also take some of the older generation to the new gens. Several newly introdueced pokemon have been given beastly stats whereas most gen 1 Pokemon have been relying only on gimmicks and strategy to stay alive in the OU tier. Out of the 45 OU pokemon, only 9 are from gen 1. Cloyster, simply because of it's shell smash + icicle spear/ rock blast combo. Dragonite, well, he is a beast actually. Same as Gengar, Gyarados and Starmie. Ninetales for his drought. tentacruel is a great Toxic Spiker. Vappy for his Baton passing abilities, and with the new Wish mechanics, he became a great cleric. And venusaur for the newly rising popularity of sunny day teams. Compared to other pokemon in the OU, these Pokemon would be rarely seen in the metagame (except for Ninetales. That fox shows up quite a lot.) They have several Pokemon to compete with like Landorus, Metagross, Mienshao, FERROTHORN. How would their popularity not dwindle.

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