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(OoC: @miley810: :D Now you feel my pain! Lol just kidding! Yeah, it's annoying when the post is erased. Don't let it get you down though. I'm used to it.)

"I-it's okay..." Alan accepted Latias' apology, giving her a smile & floated around looking around happily. Spike watched as Adriane applied the ointment on her bruise, then answered his question.

"Well, about six months ago he got drunk...he continuesly got drunk...and he started drugs..." That...was out of hand. Spike didn't like this at all. To think someone like her father would beat her up senselessly for no reason. It's degrading. Spike sighed as he thought about what it was like. Feeling the pain like that all the time was dreadful, but hey, that's life. Still, her dad shouldn't be aloud to have kids at all if he acts this way. What could he be doing right now anyway?

He was thinking for a moment. "If we ever met your father, would you allow me to beat some sense into him? I'm a master in Martial Arts." This was his offer, but more like a question, to Adriane. Either way, if he saw her father, he would see what he would do before needing to put him in his place.

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