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    Originally Posted by X80relianthope View Post
    its ood to see some of the older versions of pokemon still being loved by people.
    Why's that ?
    I think G/S/C are much better than the new generation games.
    Mainly because they preserve the pokemon feeling introduced in Gen I (graphics for instance).
    People who never played these first two generations, think probably same like you do.

    It's not like I wouldn't like the newer gens too but they lack something the first ones have.

    Originally Posted by X80relianthope View Post
    lol not much to say about tiles. its not like you can change g/c/s/ tiles anyway XD
    Actually, changing the tiles is rather simple but I'm not an artist who could draw them. I may get graphical help later though.

    Originally Posted by Nuggz View Post
    i love this hack already :o its funny when ur rival walks into u and explains the whole "ally follows you" thing lmao... that broke the 4th wall kinda but either way this is epic as hell ;D
    Glad to hear you think the hack is epic :D
    I wanted it to turn out like that too.

    Anyway, the progress on this hack has stopped for a little while but I should get back to editing this sometime after Christmas already.
    Meanwhile, another mini-project is going on which should appear in Sideshow Showcase later
    My Rom Hack

    Fixing bugs in a ROM hack
    CP of encountered pokemon in GO

    Learn how to hack GB/C games:

    Check my GameBoy/Color hacking videos in Youtube
    -The video set uses Pokemon Silver (U) rom for demonstrations
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