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    Gad Sylvanhart
    Beating Daddy Up

    I stood there, pretty much just watching as Adriane and Spike talked, taking in the situation. "Why would your dad do this?" Spike asked, obviously concerned. "Well, about six months ago he got drunk...he continuesly got drunk...and he started drugs..." Adriane explained, but she trailed off, looking upset. I was frankly quite offended by the concept that a father could abuse his child like crap. If he does that, why'd he have a kid in the first place? I wondered. But some people were just like that. The kinds of people that had to be stopped. I wouldn't let senseless idiots like Adriane's father get me and my family killed. This story had been heard of so many times, kids getting abused by drunk parents, that I almost thought I was watching another news broadcast on Channel 6. "If we ever met your father, would you allow me to beat some sense into him? I'm a master in Martial Arts." Spike said after a moment of silence. Finally, I decided to butt in. "I'll second that. These are exactly the kinds of idiots we're fighting to stop." I offered as well. Even though I had never met her father, and had no idea what he looked like, if I ever ran across him, while being conscious of his identity, I'd teach him a lesson or two. This made me feel so thankful of my family. While they'd always pushed me to be better, almost prevented me from chasing my dream, and such, I still loved them more than anything. They were my family, after all. I was fighting to protect them from a threat only we knew about. How many of us were there anyway? I counted the Legendaries, Latios and Latias, Mew, and the lake guardians, of which there were three. If each one had a trusted trainer, that meant there were six of us. While we did have Pokemon abilities, I doubted we could take on an entire militia of guys with a radioactive ego.

    It wasn't long before my Pokemon, silly Spheal, caught up on the conversation we were having. That thing always happened to listen in. While my other Pokemon just relaxed inside their Pokeballs, Spheal perked its ears to hear what I might have been talking about. If it found an interesting conversation, Spheal might leap from its Pokeball and join in. Which was no different today. Suddenly, from my belt, a red flash of light appeared in front of Adriane's feet. It materialized into, you guessed it, Spheal. Upon seeing him out of his Pokeball looking all cute again, I facepalmed. "Spheal-pheeeeal!" Spheal put on its cute face and clapped its fins. I sighed as it rolled from Adriane's feet, to Spike's to mine, as if it was the ball in a pinball game. "Aw, man." I sighed. "That's Spheal. No doubt he was eaves dropping on us." I explained. "He's still in training." I added. Spheal stopped again at Adriane's feet and looked up. At Mew. Apparently it was curious of the Legendary Pokemon, and was extending its fins as if it was trying to grab Mew. "Spheal, Spheeeal!" it cried. Honestly, moments like this were half amusing half embarrassing to me. On one hand, you had the fact that Spheal was incredibly cute. On the other hand, you had the fact that Spheal could get on your nerves with its antics.
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