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Valorie just sort of... tensed up. Waaait a second. She hadn't said any of her thoughts out loud! And yet Adriane had addressed them not once but twice! Because of the whole deal going on with Mesprit Valorie promptly jumped to assumptions. /Clearly/ Adriane was reading her mind! The notion that it was her face giving away her thoughts was lost on her. This... actually put Valorie in a /really/ bad mood, a dangerous mix of emotions brewing within her that made her want to tell someone off. Her face just sort of slowly became more and more frustrated. She gave Mew a brief glance, promptly questioning whether it was one of Mew's powers.

Valorie's rage didn't last though. Not because she calmed herself down, but rather Mesprit seemed to become very aware of the situation without having personally seen it. The emotion pokemon casually floated down to Valorie and touched her on the shoulder. Valorie's expression turned to one of brief surprise before rapidly changing to something very neutral looking at a very unnatural speed. Mespit removed her hand and Valorie just sort gazed around, looking rather dazed and confused. Her eyes settled on Mesprit and mild frustration returned to her expression, though it was a mere shadow of the frustration that had been present moments ago.

Meanwhile, Mesprit silently contemplated the possible consequences of screwing with Valorie's natural emotions long term.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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