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    I picked up my Palkia hunt for a little bit last night, got to 5700 SRs, and then tore open a portal in time and flung it far into the future where my evil is law. Expect a shiny Palkia from me circa 2016. :cer_laugh: I restarted Pearl so that I could SR for the Sinnoh starters (in addition to Platinum), so first I caught the legendaries so I'd have another set to transfer, since I was going to restart anyways. But I messed up tweaking Shaymin (in case you ever try it, do not use the Explorer's Kit to save on Seabreak Path - open up the Pokedex first and then save in the menu!) and lost my save. Fortunately there were no shinies on it, and one of the people on the tweaking site came up with a brilliant idea to help me out: you can still transfer to 5th gen! So I ended up being able to save most of my Pokemon on Pearl by kicking them up to GenV.

    That doesn't really relate to shinies that much, but in case you ever run into that problem, it's a great way to save your Pokemon before restarting your game. I was seconds away from restarting when someone told me that, "lol."

    I might do some Manaphy from time to time, but I'm taking that very lightly. If I can get one done per year, I should have a 50/50 chance of getting one by 7689 A. D.

    8740 Icefall Cave encounters and 301 Route 216 encounters.

    Originally Posted by KaosDarkrai View Post
    shiny golbat appeared in 50 RE!!! Today, while currently triple SR for torchic on Ruby 2 and Sapphire 1 and 2. On ruby 1 was eving train speed and spatk Shelgon, Shiny zubat appeared in 25 RE!!! Lucky xmas gifts ever.
    Originally Posted by KaosDarkrai View Post
    OMG Shiny caterpie just appeared in Pokemon Crystal in only 150 RE!!!!!!
    Welcome to the club! That's incredible luck to have - what a great sign! Three shinies in 225 encounters is the best opening anyone's had here, at least as far as I can remember!

    Originally Posted by Kat10089 View Post
    Salsa isn't finding any Pikachu's or Pichu's
    You can't get Pikachu on Route 30! I'd recommend hunting on another route if you're looking for a shiny one.

    Originally Posted by NightOfRemorse View Post
    Took me 2,820 eggs!
    Congrats, Night!!!! What soarin' shiny! You've been hunting Charmander rapidfire since April; you must really have a fleetfoot to be able to hatch that many eggs! Congrats on having all that dedication pay off. I bet you had a wonder bolt of joy when you saw it hatch! :cer_smile:
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