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    Hanso "TrueStriker" SharpEye
    No clue in Hanso's mind where in Valkaria he is...

    If they hadn't chained his arms to the back wall of the cell, he would have tried to escape. Hanso bent his head to look at the chain that held his left arm flat for...the eighteenth time? He'd lost track of how many times he had looked down at his chains, looking for a weak link or trying to figure out how he could cut them with his arm-blades. Whoever had ordered this to be done was smart, though. He couldn't turn his arms enough to get one blade to strike the chain on the opposite arm, and none of the chains were above his elbows where he might have cut through them. Not to mention that he didn't think he could teleport out of this horrible place. He had no clear image, or idea, of what the torturehouse's surroundings looked like.

    Hanso had wandered too close to one of the Silver Tribe's strongholds for his own good. He had been seen by one patrol of Ancients, then led them on a long chase before running into another group of Ancients. Every time Hanso struck down one Ancient, another Ancient or two would take its place. Overwhelming numbers wore him to exhaustion. Hanso had fainted...then woken up in the dark cell with his arms chained to the wall.

    Hanso sighed, shaking his head. He did not know which torturehouse this could be, which meant that he had no image of the outside, which meant that he had no surety of surviving a teleportation outside to a nearby location. The interrogation he had gone through soon after waking up here had sapped enough of his energy that Hanso wasn't sure he could teleport to someplace far away with a surety of survival. And the food they'd given him just recently hadn't been filling.

    Maybe he should try it, anyways. If that interrogation was anything to go by, then Hanso felt sure they would do worse next time, even if he didn't know much about the locations of other members of the Gold Tribe. Hanso began running through different scenarios, searching for a way where he could put his teleporting skill to good use.