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    Originally Posted by ChaosSonic View Post
    Username:TheChaosBlue, great to meet all of you!
    Favorite Sonic Character(s): Well, let's see...
    Sonic (duh)
    Metal Sonic(because he's boss)
    and Miles 'Tails' Prowler(starting from
    Unleashed onwards)
    Favorite Sonic Game:My favorite game? Man that's tough one...I've played though all three 'Eras', enjoying how each series of games played and all...So I'm going to choose based on 'Era' if that's alright.
    Classic: Sonic 3 & Knuckles
    Dreamcast: Sonic Heroes
    Modern: Colors
    As you can see, I love Sonic games with vibrant, Colorful areas and locations :)
    Are you going tp purchase the re-release of Sonic CD:I'm not sure on Sonic CD yet...but it's in my mind don't worry! For PS3 definitely...
    Favorite Sonic Song(s): Oh, so many..hmm let's see...I like Solaris Phase 2, Super Sonic vs. Perfect Dark Gaia, vs. Nega Wisp Armor Phase 2, ALL of Generations' music, Free(both versions), His World(Crush 40 and original), Live and Learn, Open Your Heart...the list goes on and on...
    How has the Sonic series influenced your life: it made more interested in video games than I ever was. As a young child Sonic was a hero of sorts to me, and i'm still thankful I love the series 10 years later. I could go on with this too, but it's 7: 49 EST the time of this post, and I been up since 10:30 EST Saturday morning..yawn...

    Oh yeah one more thing....EMERALD! Free chili dogs, grapes, and cucumber sandwiches for all!
    Welcome to the club ^_^ I should get a recruitment bonus lol jk nice choices for your favorites, and thanks for the reference food omnomnom
    Originally Posted by TwilightBlade View Post
    @assassinjay1229: I know! I even read an article where Sega was considering adding a new level and a new boss in the Sonic CD re-release. They decided not to because they didn't want to stray far from the original. BUT TAILS! <3 That's a good reason enough to buy it, despite me having access to Sonic CD on the Gamecube collection disc.

    @ChaosSonic: Welcome! I love your username. I wish I had it, haha. You have quite the variety of favorites. Good picks! I remember waking up early to watch Sonic X. I get the chili dog, grapes, and cucumber sandwiches references! -accepts free food- ^^
    I think I remember seeing that somewhere as well, but oh well Tails is an EPIC addition anyway :DWhat collection is that, the one I have for Ganecube only has Sonic 1,2, 3, S&K, and 3D Blast D:
    Originally Posted by deoxys121 View Post
    I'd like to join please!

    Username: deoxys121
    Favorite Sonic characters: Sonic; Knuckles; Blaze

    What is your favorite Sonic game?
    Sonic 3. Also, the Sonic Rush series. Super Blaze FTW!

    Currently, I just got my mom a Sega Genesis with all 4 Genesis Sonic games, which we are both enjoying. I've also been playing Sonic Rush Adventure a lot lately on my DS. Blaze is among my favorite of all characters, and my favorite of all the female characters. I would love to see a new sequel in the Sonic Rush series for the 3DS, perhaps with new innovations on the trick system.

    Welcome, I had no idea you liked Sonic O.O. I recently bought myself a new Genisis too, but I only have Sonic 1 & 2 for it T.T. I would love to see a sequel for those games as well, but I don't have a 3DS (and I don't plan on getting one until Nintendo, or in this case SEGA force me to lol).
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