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    Penance Malum

    Penance gritted his teeth as he saw only a few of the ancients leave to investigate the noise he had made and there were still a good number loitering around the entrance. Rubbing his bracelet for another dose of extra luck Penance charged up a water pulse and threw it right at a Omastar. He quickly charged up another and threw it at a Kabutops as he sprinted throught the forest to another position. He found a new spot and readied a confusion when he saw the Kabutops he hit was striking out at the other ancients. Thank you water pulse, Penance thought. There had only been a few times when the confusion effect from water pulse kicked in and thanks to his good luck charm this time had been one of them.

    The other ancients had looked slightly confused at the Kabutops' actions but started moving in to restrain their confused ally, and that was the opportunity Penance had been waiting for. The water type ran as fast as he could, making sure to pass behind the acient crowd with his eyes fixed on the entryway. He was soon inside and he placed his back against the stone wall panting not only from the exertion but also from the anxiety that had welled up inside him. He was inside a base belonging to the mortal enemies of the gold tribe which meant the odds that there were at least one or two silver tribe members in here were very high.

    Penance quickly recovered and ran down the stone hallway. As he ran Penance began to relax. He thought a torturehouse might have mutliple passages or even a complex layout, but nope, there was only this one hallway and no signs of... damn it. Penance slowed to a stop as he came to an intersection of three passages heading in different directions. Taking a deep breath Penance once again rubbed his bracelet, thinking that it would give him a hint in which direction to go. He felt it move slightly forward. Opening his eyes Penance ran down the hallway in front of him and continued running down the hallways pausing every now and then to consult his bracelet.

    His hope rose when he took yet another turn and soon came upon a Armaldo and a Carracosta. The Armaldo was lying on the ground while the Carracosta was getting up and looking pretty angry. It charged immediately and Penance barely had any time to dodge to the side. The Carracosta turned and slapped Penance with a fin causing him to tumble. A gold tribe member never stays down and Penance quickly rose his eyes glowing a bright blue and he grabbed the ancient with his confusion attack and slammed it against a wall. The ancient staggered up looking winded as Penance let out the loudest screech he could muster. The sound waves slammed into the Carracosta as it covered its ear holes with its flippers trying to block out the noise. Penance took that extra time to fire a water pulse at his enemy but it barely did anything to the enraged ancient as it opened its mouth readying a water attack, but Penance wouldn't let that happen. The golduck's eyes flashed a white color as he disabled his foes attack. The Carracosta looked suprised when it couldn't fire off its attack but it quickly recovered and ran at the golduck. Penance jumped off to the side but the Carracosta turned and grabbed the golduck's arm in its jaws and delivered a powerful crunch. Penance cried out as the Carracosta swung him around before throwing him at a wall. Despite the beating Penance still got up and threw another confusion attack at his foe. This seemed to be the Carracosta's limit as it groaned before it fell to the ground with a loud thud.

    Not wanting to stay around to see if his little brawl had attracted any other challengers Penance ran down the passage. With the Armaldo and Carracosta obviously having been beat up before hand by someone else, Penance assumed Calamity had been the one to cross paths with them. Pennace rubbed his bracelet silently praying that Calamity wasn't too far down the passage.