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    Gladius Clipeum

    So everything boils down to this. Gladius and Vigil were back to back defending their own lives from the oncoming horde of Ancients. Vigil started attacking from his side. He is a quick battler, taking down several Ancients with a one-two flourish. Gladius needed to do his thing. He faced the Ancients, defiantly. he could feel the power surging through his body and, literally, electricity begun flowing through his very veins. He could feel little sparks emit from his body. Even though it would normally hurt a Snorlax, Gladius could feel no pain. This is my own Wild Charge. Soon enough, a Kabutops came rushing at him. he faced the Kabutops head on, Gladius' hands on the Ancient's forehead. The Kabutops fell in a slump. He heard a heavy thumping sound behind him and saw a Carracosta. The Ancient raised its fin and lowered it at an incredible speed. Gladius just ducked in time.

    "Woah!" Gladius shouted. The Carracosta raised it fin again, but Gladius was ready. He punched the Carracosta under its head, which knocked it out. The charge in his body died down. Something grabbed him from behind, then another one. And another. Soon, Gladius could feel the heaviness from his back. He roared. He tried to reach that something. He managed to grab a claw. He pulled it and saw that it was an Armaldo. Gladius smacked him down to the ground. He shook of the remaining Ancients. He tried looking for Vigil, but he couldn't find him. This is good I guess. Gladius used yet another Earthquake. It took down the Ancients in the immediate vicinity, but many more were coming. And Gladius is getting tired. He reached for the nearest Ancient, a Rampardos, and used it as a bat, hitting each Ancient with Rampardos' sturdy head. It seemed a barbaric strategy but it was working. But not for long. the Ancient seemed to understand what was happening and was dodging the blows. They started attacking from above. Gladius could not do anything except duck, and an occasional grabbing of an Ancient. Sweat began pouring from his forehead.

    "C'mon Calamity and Defender. We need you now already."

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