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Originally Posted by Ashist_Wilketch_mark_april View Post
Hi guys!Sorry for my inactivity..So what did I miss?
Oh yeah, I did some little sketch of Misty last November so I thought of posting it here the club. Hope you guys like it

you didn't really miss anything. This club is a bit inactive as of late. Did you draw that? Real nice! I'll definitely buy the masterpiece if its ever on sale xD

Originally Posted by Water Master Roxy View Post
Misty is so beautiful and some of those pics show off her beauty. My fav pic of them all would be the mermaid one where she is swimming underwater. I love her in her mermaid outfit and the hair extensions makes her even more beautiful. So many facial expressions aswell that make her look cute. I love these photos and love Misty
6th column, 3rd row:

That picture just explains beauty all around. No doubt. I just can't keep my eyes off that one xD

Originally Posted by sherreamethyst View Post

I think if there is any picture that needs discussing/explaining, it should definitely be this one. What the hell is Brock doing to Misty? 0_o PokePorn?
That's quite funny you think that. That would completely suck to get a slash from those thorns though.