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"Be my guest." She laughed, except for Spike. This wasn't a laughing matter. He was serious about beating him up. Maybe Adriane does want them to beat his father to a pulp though. Then, Gad's Pokemon Spheal suddenly came out looking at Spike & Adriane. What the heck?

"Uh, yeah it could use some more training." He said, looking strangely at the ice ball. It needs to be trained. Heck, Spike even trained Ralts to evolve into Kirlia, & he's pretty behaved too. Well, maybe he's thinking a bit harsh. At least he let his Pokemon have fun once in a while. That moment of thinking was over when Spike heard ringing. Where was it coming from? He took a glance at where the sound was coming from, & it was Adriane's phone. Oh, just a phone call.

"Its dad." No, not just an ordinary phone call. That son of a ***** is calling right now? Spike already wanted to give this ba**ard a piece of his mind. Adriane ignored the call, but then her abuser called again. "Ok what the fudge do I do Spike!?" Looks like he's asking Spike for help.

He scratched the back of his red hair for a minute. "Pick up. I wanna see what this sh** head sounds like. Put it on speaker." Spike was tapping his foot as the phone was still ringing. Time to see what this big guy is made of.

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