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Near Torturehouse

Zane was back to back with Shield and Sword, surrounded by Ancients. At that moment, he couldn't recall a more tougher fight he's been in. Sure, individual fights with Silver Tribe members were tough, but a constant barrage of Ancient after Ancient was physically and mentally exhausting. You had to constantly be on your toes, or you'll be surrounded with no way out.

Sword and Shield was holding his own, his strength was quite impressive, but even he couldn't hold on forever. If Calamity and Defender didn't free them soon, Zane and Gladius would be overwhelmed by Ancients. Two more Kabutops charged for Zane from behind. Feeling the weight of their legs from the ground, Zane on instinct jumped into the air, and struck at them with an Aerial Ace. The two fell back, and two more took their places.

"Ha..." Zane managed to get out. He was tired, and the endless wave was getting to him. He exerted another push of energy and release a Night Slash on another Cradily. His breathing was heavy. His feet shook. His arms hung at his sides. More Ancients closed in. For a moment, Zane felt as if he couldn't fight anymore, but then energy seemed to fill him again as he remembered what he fought for. Zane screamed as he went ballistic on a number of Ancients around. He rammed right into a Bastiodon, taking it off guard and finishing it with an Aerial Ace.

Next, he did a mass Thunder Wave on the immediate surrounding Ancient, giving himself a moment to breathe before more came in over the paralyzed bodies of the others.

"C'mon Calamity and Defender. We need you now already." He heard Sword and Shield say.

"They'll make it!" Zane said. "We just need to hold on!" Zane ran forward, using an Iron Head on an Anorith before it go a chance to attack back. Zane shot a look to the torturehouse, where he hoped to see them. Still no sign. They must have gotten inside already. Hopefully, they find the General and their brothers and sisters before it's too late.


En Route to Torturehouse

The 3 Sentinels sent to secure the torturehouse, Scar, Beserker, and Ignitus, ran at a steady pace, for the moment silent. Beserker was notably the slowest of the group, so the other two purposefully slowed down a bit so that he could keep up. They knew he wasn't meant for running anyways. Berserker could be heard panting behind Scar and Ignitus.

"Hold up, you two! You're going damn it!" He puffed, breathing heavily. Scar, a Mienshao, shot him a glare, but didn't speak. He merely kept the same pace. "Did you hear me?!" He yelled again.

"We have slowed down too many times for you already. If you do not hurry up, you will be left behind. I feel that our presence at the torturehouse will definitely be needed."

"What makes you think that?!" Beserker the Aggron asked.

"Intuition." Scar replied coldly.

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