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    Originally Posted by Ashist_Wilketch_mark_april View Post
    Hi guys!Sorry for my inactivity..So what did I miss?
    Oh yeah, I did some little sketch of Misty last November so I thought of posting it here the club. Hope you guys like it

    Very good! I think I should totally draw Misty now! I AM SO INSPIRED NOW.
    hehe, don't mind me...I just get excited when I see people's drawings. That is why deviantART is my bestfriend. XD

    We do need activity. I really wish there were some new episodes with her we could discuss. Other than that there isn't very much, really.

    Just wondering, but do you guys ever wonder about Ash and Misty's relationship? I mean, I am a total Pokeshipper(not so sure about anyone else here) so I get jealous FOR Misty if I ever see any girl getting too friendly with Ash, LOL.
    Do you guys like AshxMisty, or do you prefer Misty/Ash for someone else? There's been a few others that have liked Misty or people think Misty should be with. Same with Ash.
    I remember there being one of those special Pokemon episodes where a boy challenges Misty to a battle in order to take her out on a date. I thought the boy was really cute, so I don't know why Misty turned him down! Heck, i'll take him. heh.