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Originally Posted by SomariFeyWright View Post
Why you like Dawn so much?
For starters, she is an amazing girl. Her brave smile through tough moments and her fighting spirit through every competition is rivaled only by Ash. She believes in all of her Pokemon and fights with them, not making them fight. For her, there's always "No need to worry".

Your favourite of Dawn's Pokemon:
Piplup. He just... grew on me.

Your favourite of Dawn's outfits:
None. From her normal outfit, to her contest outfit; I like them all!

Yeah, I'm a guy. So what?
You're not the only guy here, so welcome to the club! Hope to see you around more

Originally Posted by Dawn-Berlitz View Post
Why you like Dawn so much? cuteness&personality
Your favourite of Dawn's Pokémon: Pachirisu
Your favourite of Dawn's outfits: platinum/winter style
Dawn is definitely the most girly girl of them all. I love her personality too! I love your signature of her by the way xD Can I ask where you made/found that?

For Hikari that's a lot of good pictures! The one with her waving on the boot, with Quilava. Is that part of the spin-off episode one??

I just love how she befriends all of her Pokemon and treats them as family. Wonderful spirited-heart young girl. That's exactly how I would treat them if they were real, heck I already do in-game anyway lol