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@SomariFeyWright: Ohhh I don't think I've ever unlocked Super Tails. XD I've seen him, though.

@Kaori: Heyy you finally made it back here. ;) Sonic CD is a steal. ;s; I don't know if the promotion is over, though. :(

@deoxys121: Welcome! Thanks for joining. ^^ That was a really nice present to give to your mom, but how did you find a Genesis? XD

@ChaosSonic: There certainly is a lot to love in the Sonic series. I can't just pick one favorite anything. XD; I've watched a bit of the older cartoons via youtube. I've never seen them on TV where I am. One time when I was traveling around the East Coast with my family, I saw Sonic Underground on TV. :O I don't have a 3Ds or play fanmade games, though.

@assassinjay1229: Ahaha you have too many points. :P I have whatever Gamecube one that has CD.. Mega? Gems? I can't really remember which is which. I honestly think I have both! It's been a while since I looked at my other Gamecube games. xD

@AlexOzzyCake: I wish I could come over there and play it with you. I'd like to see how many times you do screw up at Sonic. XDD