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    Originally Posted by Ashist_Wilketch_mark_april View Post

    Oh thank you too..That's ok.. I used to have the same feeling like whenever I saw an awesome drawing.. You should post some of your drawings of Misty here tooXD
    Heh! Why thank you! But as of now, I have yet to draw Misty at all. I think I will draw her today though 'cause i'm in the drawing mood!

    Originally Posted by Ashist_Wilketch_mark_april View Post

    *WAVES* Multishipper here! And I'm a huge fan of Pokeshipping. I used to rewatch some of the original series to look out for hints back then. I know Misty has been out of the series this time..and its been years since she was with Ash and the group, still there's little hope for her to return back in the show and one of those hopes is for her to reunite with Ash and the group again. Man, I'm being so nostalgic again..Oh yeah, that guy that you've been talking about is Georgio, who wants to take Misty on a date. I remember that. That episode is Date with Delcatty right?. I wonder if Misty will ever return again?.
    Yep that's the episode. That was such a cute episode! It was a little weird though since Delcatty is a 3rd gen Pokemon, and Misty was still in her 1st/2nd gen clothes. I was surprised when she wasn't in her new outfit.