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    Krystal had been running for a while. Beserker had been falling behind, and she and Scar had to slow down so that he could keep up. It was irritating having to slow down for him, and they were delayed enough already. While in the city, Krystal had suggested that they find a pokemon that could just teleport them there, but Scar had quickly dismissed the idea, saying that "Teleporters are unreliable. we will go on foot." Ridiculous. Men and their refusal to just ask for help, and accept the ideas of a woman. But no, they had to be so high and mighty, they'll just walk. Krystal panted. Despite having to slow down, it was still a workout. The air had taken a colder turn. Fall was underway, winter was soon coming. The crisp air stung her lungs, and made small clouds as she breathed. The cold wasn't uncomfortable for her, being a fire type. Ice and snow didn't bother her, and she loved how clean the snow could look. And her enemies often had a harder time coping with the cold as well, giving her the advantage.

    After hours of running, Beserker spoke up. "Hold up you two! Your going too... fast damn it!." He panted for a moment, breathing hard. "Didn't you hear me?"

    Scar replied with chill in his voice. "We have slowed down too many times for you already. If you do not hurry up, you will be left behind. I feel that our presence at the torturehouse will definitely be needed." Silently, Krystal agreed with Scar. Maybe they should just leave him behind, they would certainly get there faster. If what Auron had said was true, that there was something going on there, the faster they got there the better.

    Krystal missed what they said next, but Scar increased his pace, so Krystal did the same. Beserker swore again behind them, but also picked up his pace as best he could, chugging after them like a freight train. It was another hour before they could see the torture house. They slowed their pace as they came over a hill that overlooked the torture house from a distance. There was some thick woods on the other side of the field where many Ancients were converging, at least a hundred, if not more. Even with the great numbers of troops, whoever was on the other side appeared to be holding their own. An only one group of pokemon could hold their own against so many ancients. Just as Krystal was thinking it, Scar voiced her thoughts, spitting out the words as if they were a curse, "Gold Tribe."

    As they surveyed the battle below them, Beserker came over the hill, panting and groaning. Scar and Ignitus payed him no attention, until he groaned and said, "I think I'm gonna..." And indeed he did. Krystal gingerly stepped away from him as he puked his lunch out onto the grass. As soon as Beserker finished emptying his lunch onto the field, Krystal spoke up. "Its been quite a while since I fought anybody decent. Lets go show Gold Tribe that we are in charge here." Scar nodded, grinning evilly, while Beserker grimaced, no doubt still exhausted from running all the way. Nevertheless, all three charged into the fray, prepared to show Gold Tribe who was boss.
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